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Abelia, which is native to China, is a shrub that may reach 1.5 m tall. Prefers warm and sunny locations. Many fragrant, small pink-flushed white tubular, funnel-shaped flowers appear all summer through fall. Abelias, by pruning, can be given nice shapes. They are evergreen in warm climates and deciduous in colder climates. The leaves are opposite or in whorls of three, ovate, glossy, dark green, and lighter green beneath, with serrated margins. Both sides of the leaves are glabrous. It is brown or reddish in fall. It is also cultivated in garden alongside the fence. Due to color change of leaves in fall and its flower value, abelia’s visual value is highly appreciated.

Species in stock

Abelia chinensis - Güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia chinensis - Güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x grandiflora - Güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia x grandiflora - Güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x grandiflora - Güzellik çalısı - 60-80cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'confetti conti' - Güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'confetti conti' - Güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'confetti conti' - Güzellik çalısı - 60-80cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'edward goucher' - Güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'edward goucher' - Güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'edward goucher' - Güzellik çalısı - 60-80cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'francis mason' - Güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'francis mason' - Güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'francis mason' - Güzellik çalısı - 60-80cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'kaleidoscope' - Alaca yapraklı  güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'kaleidoscope' - Alaca yapraklı güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'kaleidoscope' - Alaca yapraklı güzellik çalısı - 60-80cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'sunrise' - Altuni yapraklı güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'sunrise' - Altuni yapraklı güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x grandiflora 'sunrise' - Altuni yapraklı güzellik çalısı - 60-80cm

Abelia x floribunda - Güzellik çalısı - 20-40cm

Abelia x floribunda - Güzellik çalısı - 40-60cm

Abelia x floribunda - Güzellik çalısı - 60-80cm


Acacia, which is native to Australia, is a genus of shrubs and trees, which can reach up to 30 m tall. The leaves of acacias are compound pinnate in general. In some species, however, the leaflets are suppressed, and the leaf-stalks (petioles) become vertically flattened. The flowers are arranged in dense globular or cylindrical clusters; they are yellow or cream-colored in most species, whitish in some, even purple or red. In February and March, the flowers are still on the tree. As acacia seeds can be difficult to germinate, immersing the seeds in various temperatures and manual seed coat chipping can improve yields. Acacia, a decorative park plant, can be cultivated in almost any coastal city in Turkey.

Species in stock

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø10-12cm

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø12-14cm

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø14-16cm

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø16-18cm

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø18-20cm

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø20-25cm

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø25-30cm

Acacia dealbata - Mimoza - Ø30-35cm

Agapanthus (LILIACEAE)

Agapanthus, having 10 species, is an alliaceous plant and native to South Africa. In summer months, they have funnel-shaped flowers, in hues of blue to purple, fading to white. Flowers may grow up to 1 m tall. Leaf of Agapanthus resembles lily leaf. In colder climate, the bulbs should be dug up in fall.

Species in stock

Agapanthus africanus 'blue' - Mavi çiçekli Zambak - 20-40cm

Agapanthus africanus 'blue' - Mavi çiçekli Zambak - 40-60cm

Agapanthus africanus 'blue' - Mavi çiçekli Zambak - 60-80cm

Agapanthus umbellatus 'blue' - Mavi çiçekli Zambak - 20-40cm

Agapanthus umbellatus 'blue' - Mavi çiçekli Zambak - 40-60cm

Agapanthus umbellatus 'blue' - Mavi çiçekli Zambak - 60-80cm


Agave, yucca tree (Yucca), similar to the type species of patience, and 1.5 to 2.5 meters in height, depending on the climate, having a diameter of 2 to 3.5 meters from the popular ornamental plants distributed in Central and South American continents. Agave complements the very slow growth and bloom once during the entire lifecycle. There are prickly leaves into long strips. Permeable, dry and humus soils. Production of seeds and side shoots can be made. 

Species in stock

Agave americana - Amerikan sabır ağacı - Ø20-40cm

Agave americana - Amerikan sabır ağacı - Ø40-60cm

Agave americana - Amerikan sabır ağacı - Ø60-80cm

Agave potatorumSabır ağacı - Ø20-40cm

Agave potatorum - Sabır ağacı - Ø40-60cm

Agave potatorum variegated - Alacalı Sabır ağacı - Ø20-40cm

Agave potatorum variegated - Alacalı Sabır ağacı - Ø40-60cm


It is native to tropical regions of Asia and may reach up to 15 m tall. In June and July, their fragrant, light pink small flowers are in bundles, with showy stamens much longer than the petals. Albizzia likes sunny or half-shadow positions. With its flowers and leaves, it is an attractive and fast growing ornamental tree. They may be planted solitary in parks and gardens.

Species in stock

Albizia julibrissin - Gülibrişim - Ø10-12cm

Albizia julibrissin - Gülibrişim - Ø12-14cm

Albizia julibrissin - Gülibrişim - Ø14-16cm

Albizia julibrissin - Gülibrişim - Ø16-18cm

Albizia julibrissin - Gülibrişim - Ø25-30cm

Albizia julibrissin - Gülibrişim - Ø20-25cm

Albizia julibrissin - Gülibrişim - Ø25-30cm

Alocasia (ARACEAE)

Green leaves and looks very nice with white stripes on the leaves of gorgeous flowers. Exposed to sunlight, the leaves are very useful for leave. Excessive air flow is affected by cold and freezes. Protected from the extreme cold during the winter months the plant should be watered very little. Üretiliebilir with replication. Grows slowly.

Species in stock

Alocasia macrorrhiza - Fil kulağı - 20-40cm

Alocasia macrorrhiza - Fil kulağı - 40-60cm

Alocasia macrorrhiza - Fil kulağı - 60-80cm


Asphodelaceae boylanan kind of up to 2 meters, which belongs to the family grows mostly in warm regions. Spiny leaf edges, lint-free and sharp. The leaves at the top of the handle consists of two parts and is rolled up in the form of badges. Indoors is also used as an ornamental plant. In contrast agave'nin opens downward facing flowers. Bloom in the spring. Especially used in the pharmaceutical industry. A plant with high nutritional value.

Species in stock

Aloe vera - Sarı sabır - 20-40cm

Aloe vera - Sarı sabır - 40-60cm

Aloe vera - Sarı sabır - 60-80cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissus) (VITACEAE)

Parthenocissus is a climbing plant. There are 12 species of Parthenocissus, one of which is used for ornamental purposes. They may grow up to 30 m, if environmental conditions are convenient. The leaves are with 3 or 5 lobed. Defoliation starts in autumn after the leaves have turned to red.

Species in stock

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissustricuspidata - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 100-125cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissustricuspidata - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 125-150cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissustricuspidata - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 150-175cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissustricuspidata - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 175-200cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissustricuspidata - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 200-250cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissustricuspidata - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 250-300cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissustricuspidata - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 300-350cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissusquinquefolia - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 100-125cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissusquinquefolia - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 125-150cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissusquinquefolia - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 150-175cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissusquinquefolia - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 175-200cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissusquinquefolia - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 200-250cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissusquinquefolia - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 250-300cm

Ampelopsis (Parthenocissusquinquefolia - Amerikan sarmaşığı - 300-350cm


High parts of South America, the homeland of these species make up to 30 meters height. Long-lived perennial plants. There are very hard and scaly leaves. The leaves are long and wide, the ends will turn yellow. Grow slowly. Humus-rich soils. Resistant to frost and winter. They do not like the extreme heat.

Species in stock

Araucaria excelsaMaymun çıkmazı - 100-125cm

Araucaria excelsa - Maymun çıkmazı 125-150cm

Araucaria excelsa - Maymun çıkmazı - 150-175cm

Araucaria excelsa - Maymun çıkmazı - 175-200cm

Araucaria excelsa - Maymun çıkmazı - 200-250cm

Araucaria excelsa - Maymun çıkmazı - 250-300cm


Strawberry plant, Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean and the Black Sea, up to 10 meters boylanan evergreen plants found in temperate regions. In September, flowers, white in color, are found in clusters until December. Fruits are reddish in color when ripe nut size. Fruits are eaten.

Species in stock

Arbutus unedo - Dağ çileği - 150-175cm

Arbutus unedo - Dağ çileği - 175-200cm

Arundo (POACEAE)

Found naturally in the Asian side edges of the water up to 50 cm length of 7 meters, extending a kind of plant leaves. Leaves, leaf-shaped cut line, a white line. Write gray green feathery flowers bloom. Lovers of fresh water and brackish water. Reproduced the roots break down. Water can be used for landscaping around the edges. Invading a plant

Species in stock

Arundo donax - Kargı - 20-40cm

Arundo donax - Kargı - 40-60cm

Arundo donax - Kargı - 60-80cm

Arundo donax 'variegata' - Alacalı Kargı - 20-40cm

Arundo donax 'variegata' - Alacalı Kargı - 40-60cm

Arundo donax 'variegata' - Alacalı Kargı - 60-80cm

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